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TIGER® Hydraulic Breaker Seal Kits; is a brand which is created by a twenty years experienced team in sealing elements sector.

The performance and power of a hydraulic breaker is directly proportional to the sealing elements in the system whatever the brand and quality of it.

A low quality o-ring, cover ring or support ring could make a breaker working on the field nonfunctional, compromise the occupational safety, cause undesirable position and oil cost or damage to the system. Therefore we do not think only the main felts are important. Kit is a whole for us and all of the parts are important.

All the products in the sealing parts are European and/or Japanese origin in TIGER® Hydraulic Breaker Seal Kits .
The main felts are chosen from the world renowned brands like Simrit , Merkel , NOK, PARKER. We prefer the products of these brands developed by R&D units especially for heavy duty working.

All the products which exist in the system however do not have the standard dimensions are produced on Seal Maker® stands by the help of advanced computer programs in the controlled conditions in our machine park.

Material features and measurement report of all the products in our kits could be introduced to the end user if requested.

All the o-rings in our kits are used in line with the original measurements (AS568, JISB2401)  Procurement, measurement and quality control phases of all o-rings could be followed through the barcode system.
Support rings are processed adhering to the original types (straight, spiral, concave) with the same features on the computer controlled stands.

Our team serves about technical support, damage assessment and corrective implementation suggestions, material selection, workshop and training on both the field, workshop conditions and on the project.


Our vision is hidden inside the phrase ‘Fortis et Liber’ in our logo; it is to make you feel safe and strong about your equipments that work in hard conditions like hydraulic breakers.



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